EKF maintains sites in Hilo, Hāmākua, Kaʻū, and Puna on the island of Hawaiʻi. EKF promotes the Hawaiian value of noho papa, to know one's place thoroughly through generational learning and active practice and study.

Visitation to our sites is a hands-on experience in which students and practitioners will learn different aspects of Hawaiian culture and traditional practices. We employ a traditional learning style, so participants should expect to get dirty, wet, and tired. Group size is limited to 30; however, special arrangements can be made with advance notice. An EKF facilitator must be present on site visits; therefore, facilitator availability will govern site visits. A site fee may be assessed (site use fee may be waived under special conditions). To request a visitation to accessible sites, please complete and submit the EKF Site Usage Request Form for approval. You may fill out the online Site Usage Request Form or download the Site Usage Request Form and fax the completed form to Leinaʻala Thornton (808) 961-4789. Once your form has been approved, everyone visiting the site must complete and turn in the EKF Release of Indemnity Form. Information on the cultural protocol for visiting EKF sites can be found in Nā Oli no ka ʻĀina o Kanakaʻole, a compilation of oli and cultural practices.

Downloadable Forms